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Feaster Five Training Program Closes in on its 7th Year

 | Published on 11/18/2019


Over the last seven weeks, more than 150 runners, including over 50 MVS volunteers, showed up near the Feaster Five start line on Sunday mornings to participate in the Feaster Five training program.  We’ve just wrapped up the 7th week of the 8th year of this program – and still have one week to go until race day!

Each week starts with brief announcements and running tips (shoe selection, winter running, running visibility, injury prevention) before moving on to warm ups.  Warm ups include some in-place movement (leg swings, lunges) before getting into some aerobic drills (high knees, toe taps, karaoke etc).


After the warm ups, we break into groups by distance and pace:  5 mile running, 5k running, and 5k walk/running groups.


The MVS volunteers have been extremely helpful getting people signed in each week and running with small groups of runners at various paces – so thank you (and there’s still time to come to the last session!). Special thanks to Becky Torres who gave a talk on injury prevention.


This is a great program for spreading the joy of running.  It helps give new runners confidence and veteran runners the opportunity to give back to the running community in a personal way.  It's also a great way to recruit new members to MVS.  We know that the participants have gotten a lot out of the program: increased stamina, increased confidence and increased enjoyment of running!  Thank you all for making that happen!