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The Merrimack Valley Striders is a running club that was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels



Welcome to Merrimack Valley Striders

Merrimack Valley Striders was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels.  Every member of MVS is respected as an athlete: whether young or old, capable of winning races or further back in the pack, seasoned marathoner, or a member who is simply seeking to improve his or her health. Though we were founded in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts -- north of Boston, south of New Hampshire – we have grown and our reach touches runners as far away as Florida and California.

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

MVS Runners Are Ready for Boston!

Merrimack Valley Striders will be sending off 42 (!) runners to the 2018 Boston Marathon.

They have been training hard through the winter to be ready to face the challenge.  Their dedication and focus is an inspiration to all of us.

The list of official runners below is sorted by bib number.

We wish all our runners good luck and hope your Boston Marathon will be memorable!


2018 MVS Boston Marathoners
Bib# Name Bib# Name Bib# Name
6097 Kalliman Gomes 22845 Karen Diver McMann 28366 Jeffrey Michael Callahan
6166 Austin Thiele 22950 Sharon Johnson 28647 Jim Laprel
9814 Tom Dolan 23393 Laurie LaVallee 29232 Joe Cosgrove
10987 Tom Kinneman 24879 Joyce Campbell 29248 Rita Cosgrove
11195 Jennifer Rodier 24955 Diane Jannetti 29315 William Bennett
13878 Lauren Murray 25131 John Young 29444 Marla Sigman
17083 Katie Weber 25212 Tracey Mariani 29642 Lindsey L'Ecuyer
18401 Elin Susanna Frank Anderson 25349 Jennifer Burns Luz 29747 Colleen E Sousa
18857 Linda Haskell 28030 Maura Ward Szendey 29751 Paul DiLorenzo
20165 Melissa Malani 28034 Aaron Grover 29901 Kevin McCarthy
21014 Lisa Wiswall Maciel 28108 John Jannetti 30053 Sandy Alicea
21609 George Woodward 28327 Charles Nasser 30316 Jannell Jaber
21814 John Jacobs 28331 Carol Blanchard 31013 Daniel Koh
21946 Nicki Monson 28338 Craig Lavallee 31159 Marcie DiLorenzo

New Venues for Spring Coaching

Registration for MVS spring coaching is now available.  The program offers opportunities to for one or two workouts per week, standard track sessions, and running skills sessions.

Also, our track locations will be at two different locations!

Read about the programs and register here:

Coaching Programs

spring track

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