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The Merrimack Valley Striders is a running club that was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels



Welcome to Merrimack Valley Striders

Merrimack Valley Striders was founded in 1979 with the mission to encourage and enhance running at all levels.  Every member of MVS is respected as an athlete: whether young or old, capable of winning races or further back in the pack, seasoned marathoner, or a member who is simply seeking to improve his or her health. Though we were founded in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts -- north of Boston, south of New Hampshire – we have grown and our reach touches runners as far away as Florida and California.

2020 St. Ann's Toy List

Diane Jannetti - 11/23/2020

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is almost here and once again MVS would like to bring some holiday cheer to the children living at St. Ann’s Home and School in Methuen.  This year St. Ann’s has expanded to 160 in-house children, even during the pandemic, as children continue to have mental health challenges, often made worse by the isolation of being home during this time.

St. Ann’s has provided 11 lists – 1 per unit.  Each unit is for a specific age group.  Within each unit document there are 3 components:

                Children’s Gifts Under $20

                Children’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Choices

                Children’s Clothing Sizes

If you would like to participate by donation a gift, THANK YOU!

Just pick and purchase a gift from any of the lists.

Do NOT wrap the gift.

There is no need to let us know what you purchased.

Typically the gifts are brought to the December General Meeting, but since that will not work this year, we have 2 collection sites where you can drop off your gift – the Pelletier’s front porch and the Jannetti’s front porch. Chad and I both work from home so feel free to drop off your gift anytime.

                Pelletiers: 90 Middlesex Street, North Andover, MA.  01845

                Jannettis: 25 Smithshire Estates, Andover, MA.  01810

Please drop off your gift by Sunday, November 29th.

Thank you!

Diane Jannetti

2020 MVS Memorial Scholarships Awarded

2020 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Scholarship recipients.  Read more about these ten local scholar athletes here.

Virtual Pub Runs? Of Course!

Alan St.Germain - 4/22/2020

It’s that time of year again…well sort of…

MVS usually begins our weekly pub runs about now, but we, like every other group, are required to change our plans that involve public gatherings.

So, we are suggesting Plan B: Virtual Pub Runs!  On each Thursday night at 6:30-ish, you can run the approximate Stachy's distance (about 3.4 miles) in any locale.  You are invited to share your run and upload a selfie and a "beerie"  with a check-in link.

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