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Coach's Winter Challenge


Listen to Sharon explain the Winter Challenge !

Hey Striders! 
Feeling dazed, bedraggled and a tad frazzled from the 2020 pandemic social distancing blues? Welcome to a new year and some inspiration to keep us connected and motivated to stay fit and ready for whenever the running gods deem it safe to return to in-person track and road races sometime in 2021.

MVS is presenting the Coach’s Winter Challenge. It's courtesy of our own Coach Sharon Johnson. 
The Challenge is simple but requires some focus and discipline. Complete four separate workouts between now and April 1st

The four challenges (drum roll please!):

CHALLENGE #1: Pick a favored route (say 5k or 5 miles or whatever distance you are comfortable) and run that course four times…that’s four times by the April 1
st deadline. Keep track of your time and achieve reduced time with each run.

CHALLENGE #2: Run longer and slower than you are used to. Progressively add distance to your runs. If your standard short run is 3 miles, extend that to 4 miles…then 5 miles…then 6 miles. Again do four progressively longer runs between now and April 1.
(And remember, don’t be afraid to go too slow, because you can’t!)

CHALLENGE #3: Choose a hill, any distance and any grade that you feel comfortable with…
Start with as many repeats as you feel you can handle on your first shot (at least four), and work on improving pace and adding more repeats each time (to be completed four times) by the magic date of April 1. And finally….

CHALLENGE #4: Practice running fast—do a track workout,
add some fartlek in any one of your runs or just include some pickups, whatever you’d like. Just practice running fast …again four times by April 1.

To sign up and post your progress, join the Facebook group Coach Sharon has set up at
 MVS Coach's Winter Challenge On the group, you can share your challenge runs, tell the community how you’re doing, post pictures, plan meetups, and Coach Sharon will pop in with training tips and updates.

You can do this. Good Luck. Hope to see you out there this Winter.