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2019 MVS Super Iron Runner Series

Whether you are a competitive runner or a social runner, you can participate, and earn great MVS gear in the Merrimack Valley Striders Super Iron Runner series program. The goal of the MVS Super Iron Runner Series is to encourage participation by MVS members in selected races in and around the Merrimack Valley and promote our club.

Notes & Changes for 2019

The races selected for the 2019 Super Iron Runner Series range from 5K to full marathon (runners choice). A new trail race in Harold Parker State Forest has been added to the list, as well as the addition of an old favorite in Lawrence honoring Vietnam Veterans.  We are excited about the various race opportunities and look forward to running and representing MVS with you!

Please note that all races including the marathon it is expected that you represent MVS by wearing an MVS uniform or gear, we want to show our spirit and pride.

If you choose to run a full marathon (26.2 miles) for a point toward your Iron Runner total the specific race must be noted in your submission.

In the event of any race date changes or coupon codes made available it will be posted in the MVS Facebook page or on the web site.

2019 Super Iron Runner Series Races

Race Number Date Race *  Distance (KM)   Race Summary
1A 1/1/2019 Hangover Classic  5 or 10  2019 SIRS 1
1B 1/1/2019 First Run  5 or 10  2019 SIRS 1
2 2/9/2019 Valentine's Day Race
(5 mile only)
      8  Valentine's Day Race
3 3/16/2019 St. Patty's Day 10K     10  St. Patty's Day Race
4 4/28/2019 Run for the Troops       5  Run for the Troops 2019
5 5/4/2019 Ironstone Derby 5K       5   Ironstone 5K 2019
6 5/5/2019 Earth Rock Run Half Marathon     22.1  Earth Rock Run 2019
7 6/9/2019 Berry Pond Scramble (Trail race)       5.6  Berry Pond Scramble
V1 6/15/2019 Mt Washington Road Race
8 7/30/2019 Yankee Homecoming
(10 mile only)
9 8/11/2019 Greenway 5K      5  Greenway 5K
10 9/8/2019 Salem Road Race    10  Salem 10K
11 9/21/2019 Lobster Dash     8  Lobster Dash
V2 9/21/2019 Lobster Dash  Volunteer  
12 10/27/2019 Vietnam Veteran 4 Miler - 10/27/2019     6.4  Vietnam Veterans 4-Miler
V3 October-November 2019 Feaster Five C25K Program    5, 8   
13 11/10/2019 Harborside Half Marathon    22.1  Harborside Half
14 12/8/2019 Mill Cities Relay  4 - 15.3  
V4 12/8/2019 Mill Cities Relay

* Click on the Race links for more information about each race.

Register for Races 

Please follow the registration links in the calendar events:

Upcoming Super Iron Runner Events
Upcoming  Super Iron Runner Events

Race Check In


Post your race results and volunteer participation from the link below:

Super Iron Runner Series Check In

Please note that Super Iron Runner Series Points are determined by each participant's self-reporting from this link.

Check-in List

Did you post your results?  Follow the link below to view the latest compiled list.

2019 Super Iron Runner Series Results

2019 MVS Super Iron Runner Series Criteria

  • You must be a current (dues paid) member of MVS for the year.

  • You must be running/walking for MVS (and only MVS) in the race and wear an MVS singlet or other weather appropriate MVS apparel.

  • You must be properly registered for the race (no bandits or unauthorized bib swapping.)

  • You earn one point for each series race you complete.  When two distances are listed above you can run or walk either distance for the point.  When only one distance is listed above you must run or walk at least that distance to get credit even if the race has other shorter options.

  • You can also earn one point for ANY marathon or ultra marathon run in the year. (Maximum of one point)

  • You can also earn one point for volunteering at any of the following MVS activities (Maximum of one point):

    • Mount Washington water stop/parking

    • Lobster Dash

    • Feaster Five Walk to Run Program

    • Mill Cities Relay transition

    • Hosted Run

Please volunteer as often as you can, because it’s fun with great Strider friends, but the Iron RUNNER series only allots one point per participant for volunteering.

All Super Iron Runner Series participation for the calendar year must be logged through the check in link on this page by December 14th in order to allow sufficient time for award levels to be verified and prizes ordered for the January club meeting.

Award/Prize Levels

Level 1 "Iron Runner" – accumulate 5-7 points

One point max for the listed volunteer opportunities and one point max if you choose to complete a registered full marathon 26.2 miles, or greater distance.

Level 2 "Super Iron Runner" – accumulate in 8-11 points

To earn “Super Iron Runner” status, at least one 10K or longer distance must be submitted.

One point max for the listed volunteer opportunities and one point max if you choose to complete a registered full marathon 26.2 miles, or greater distance.

Level 3 "Ultra Iron Runner" – accumulate 12-16 points

To become an "Ultra Iron Runner" (Level 3) you must complete any marathon (or greater) distance race AND volunteer at an MVS identified event.

Volunteer opportunities include:

▪ Mount Washington Volunteer
▪ Feaster Five WALK TO RUN PROGRAM (please note volunteering at the Feaster Five Expo is not on the Iron Runner list)
▪ Lobster Dash
▪ Mill Cities