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2018 MVS Super Iron Runner Series 
Whether you are a competitive runner or a social runner, you can participate, and earn great MVS gear in the Merrimack Valley Striders Super Iron Runner series program. The goal of the MVS Super Iron Runner Series is to encourage participation by MVS members in selected races in and around the Merrimack Valley and promote our club. 

Notes & Changes for 2018
  • New Years Day race -  There is only one New Years Day race in the Series this year.
  • Volunteer point opportunities: In addition to the volunteer opportunities from 2017, in 2018 you can earn a volunteer point for hosting a run (there is still a maximum of 1 volunteer point allowed for award status) 
  • In order to achieve the Level 3 Award your 12 points must include a volunteer point and a Marathon/Ultra.
Self Service Race Administration

2018 Super Iron Runner Events
# Distance Day and Date Event Information
1 5K/10K
Monday January 1

2018 Hangover Classic
2 6K / 5 Miles
Saturday, February 10

2018 Bradford Valentine's Race
3 10 Miler
Saturday, March 10

2018 Black Cat 20 & 10 Miler
4 Half Marathon
Saturday, March 24
2018 Shamrock Half Marathon

5 5K
Sunday, April 22
2018 Run for the Troops

6 5 Miles
Saturday, May 12

7 5K Sunday, June 17

8 10K Sunday, July 14

9 5K Sunday, August 12

10 10 Mile
Saturday, August 25

11 10K Sunday, September 9

12 5 Miles Saturday, September 15

13 Half Marathon Sunday, October 21

14 Marathon or Ultra Any Race in 2018

2018 MVS Super Iron Runner Series Criteria:

  1. You must be a current (dues paid) member of MVS for the year.
  2. You must be running/walking for MVS (and only MVS) in the race and wear an MVS singlet or other weather appropriate MVS apparel.
  3. You must be properly registered for the race (no bandits or unauthorized bib swapping.)
  4. You earn one point for each series race you complete.  When two distances are listed above you can run or walk either distance for the point.  When only one distance is listed above you must run or walk at least that distance to get credit even if the race has other shorter options.
  5. You can also earn one point for ANY marathon or ultra marathon run in the year. (Maximum of one point)
  6. You can also earn one point for volunteering at any of the following MVS programs/obligations (Maximum of one point):
                - Mount Washington water stop/parking
                - Feaster Five Walk to Run Program
                - Mill Cities Relay transition
  7. All Super Iron Runner Series participation for the calendar year must be logged through the check in link on this page byDecember 14th in order to allow sufficient time for award levels to be verified and prizes ordered for the January club meeting.



There are a total of 15 points possible.
  • The race results will be audited prior to prize level determination.

Award/Prize Levels

Level 1 – accumulate 5-7 points – Great MVS Gear.
Level 2 – accumulate in 8-11 points – Even More Great MVS Gear.
Level 3 – accumulate in 12-15 points – “Super Iron Runner” designation, and a boatload of great MVS gear!