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RUN RIGHT – MVS Coaching Clinic

As a coach I see so many runners working hard at speed workouts and long runs. Too many times their training comes to a screeching halt due to injuries. Too often I hear “I was feeling great until the last few miles, then I hit a wall”.

Just like a building, our bodies need a solid base, without one it tumbles. Running puts an extreme amount of stress on our bodies, running efficiently creates even more undo stress.

In the upcoming 2-week “RUN RIGHT” clinic you will learn how to become a stronger happier runner through the four topics that we will cover.

  • Efficiency The process of gait analysis will be explained. To demonstrate, several runners will partake in a modified analysis to learn to identify and correct weaknesses
  • Nutrition Participants will learn about Metabolic Efficiency Training and how to apply it to training and racing
  • Mobility A three-part session consisting of balance, flexibility and strength. Participants will spend 20-30 minutes on each segment to learn a basic routine to compliment run training
  • Cross Training The value of incorporating alternative aerobic and strength activities will be discussed. Participants will go through a 40-50 minute cross-training session.

The RUN RIGHT schedule is as follows:

  • Gait Analysis* Tuesday December 3 (With Josh Puyear, Movement and Biomechanic Specialist)
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training (Nutrition) Thursday Dec 5 (With Caroline Kavanagh, MET Level 2 Specialist)
  • Mobility for Running (Balance, Flexibility, and Strength)* Tuesday Dec 10
  • Cross Training and Strength* Thursday Dec 12

The Clinic will take place at Breakaway, 1000 Osgood Street, North Andover, MA.
All sessions begin at 6:30pm and will last between 1:15 and 1:30 hours.

We have a limited amount of spots available. Registration is on a first come basis. As a member of MVS the entire 4-session clinic is $45.00. A single session is $20.

Register Here: Run Right Clinic - Dec 3-5-10-12

This is a unique opportunity and perfect time of year for MVS runners to work with experts in their field and get your season off to the right start. I hope that you will be able to join us.

*Gait analysis, mobility, and cross sessions have a strong correlation. As will be discussed during gait analysis, an inefficient gait is frequently related to poor mobility. Mobility problems can and should be corrected through cross training; strength, flexibility, and balance work.