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Stephanie Guyotte | Published on 2/25/2024
Super Iron Runner Series - FAQs
A Quick Overview of the MVS SIRS Program
Who can participate?
All MVS members can participate Super Iron Runner Series.
What do I do to participate?
Visit the Website and sign up for races that are part of the SIRS 2024 series. Note: Only the first half of the year has been published - more races will be announced soon! MVS members earn 1 point for participating in each eligible race or volunteer activity. Consider events that work best for you and decide if you want to go for Level 1, 2, or 3.
I signed up for a bunch of races, now what?
Great! When you go to a SIRS race be sure to wear an MVS-branded top on your outer layer (tanks, t-shirts, jacket, etc). At the race, look for your fellow MVSers and the MVS banner to find our group for photos and running partners.
How do you know I participated in a SIRS race? How do I get my point?
This one is important. After you have run a SIRS race, visit, log in, click MVS events tab, and then click SIRS. Scroll down to see the Race Check In Form. Fill out this form after every race. Do not wait until the end of the year.
What about the kids?
We have a youth Level 1 category too! Youth (under 18) can earn Level 1 by participating in 4 SIRS events.
What happens if I can't make a SIRS race?
No worries. You can earn a Wild Card point for running ANY race in 2024 with an MVS branded top. You can also earn a Volunteer Point for a qualified volunteer opportunity, like Hosting a Run or volunteering at Mt. Washington. 
What are the SIRS Levels?
See the website for full details. Each Level is designed to be challenging but attainable. Level 2 includes a half marathon requirement and Level 3 includes a marathon. MVSers will earn MVS swag based on the Level they achieve.
Why should I be part of the Super Iron Runner Series?
SIRS is a great way to showcase our club, support running at all levels, and build our running community. And it's really fun!


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